What is Happening?

With increasing regularity Summit Lake is experiencing toxic algae blooms. These blooms are likely human caused and adversely affect the safety and health of the lake – as well as negatively impacting recreational and financial conditions for both lake residents and non-residents.

Lake Water Quality Issues:

    • SAFETY OF DRINKING WATER – Residents depend on the lake for drinking water. Toxic algae blooms create neurotoxins and liver toxins which make the water unsafe for humans, pets, and wildlife.
    • RECREATION – Toxic algae closes the lake. The unsafe conditions make the lake unusable for boating, swimming, and fishing.
    • PROPERTY VALUE – Property values are negatively impacted. Increased negative media coverage is creating a public perception of Summit Lake as an unsafe body of water.

It is undeniable that undrinkable water and toxic lake conditions will negatively impact property values.

Actions Needed...

  • Donations to support Save Our Summit organization efforts.
  • Volunteers needed to provide community outreach, research, and education.
  • A Plan to address water quality issues.

Help create a Special District that will provide:

  • A Plan to address water quality issues
  • A robust water monitoring program
  • Lake use studies
  • Septic testing
  • Grant opportunities
  • Water quality improvements

For more information, please consult our FAQ page.

Guardian of the Lake $500-1000+
Brad &  Sharon Bastin
Rick Bush
Ray Conner
Gordon & Linda Darby
Kiley Gustafson
Glenn & M.L Mounger
Michael & Janet Patterson
Judy & Duane Swenson

Water Quality Warrior - $250-499
Mark & Shelli Hopserger
Debra Martinelli
Richard & Lyndsay Walker
Thomas Wybenga

Lake Protection Partner - $100-249
Mr. & Mrs. David Atkins
Jack Benjamin
Deborah J. Galbraith
Bob & Teresa Glenn
Steven & Chris Nelson
Joseph Spacciante
D. Taylor
Marv & Anne Vander Beek
Terry J. West & Mary E. Silva-West

Friend of the Lake - $50-99
April Williams
Steve Sorensen & Carol Borgmann

SOS Supporter - up to $50
Dan Haggerty
The Jones Family
Kathy Leitch