Vote Yes to Create a Special District that will provide:

  • A Plan to address water quality issues
  • A robust water monitoring program
  • Lake use studies
  • Grant opportunities
  • Water quality improvements

For more information, please consult our FAQ page.

For more information about water quality trends and current lack of data, please review the research document prepared by Michael Patterson, PhD, and Summit Lake Resident.

Purpose of the Proposed Special District:

To serve the public welfare by improving and maintaining the water quality of Summit Lake for local homeowners, those with lake access, visitors, fish, and wildlife. Our goal is to maintain a healthy and ecological balance in the lake so it may continue to provide potable water for local homeowners and be enjoyed by swimmers, boaters, fishermen, and campers.

What is Happening at the Lake?

Summit Lake, which serves as the primary water source for surrounding residential homes has experienced multiple toxic algae blooms in recent years, making the water in the lake hazardous to drink or recreate in.

Lake Water Quality Issues:

    • SAFETY OF DRINKING WATER – Residents depend on the lake for drinking water. Toxic algae blooms create neurotoxins and liver toxins which make the water unsafe for humans, pets, and wildlife.
    • RECREATION – Toxic algae closes the lake. The unsafe conditions make the lake unusable for boating, swimming, and fishing.
    • PROPERTY VALUE – Property values are negatively impacted. Increased negative media coverage is creating a public perception of Summit Lake as an unsafe body of water.

It is undeniable that undrinkable water and toxic lake conditions will negatively impact property values.


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Water Quality Warrior - $250-499
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Lake Protection Partner - $100-249
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