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Mission Statement

Save Our Summit is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide environmental protection and cleanup of the greater Summit Lake watershed. With community support, Save Our Summit is working toward the creation of a special district to ensure water quality is protected for current and future generations.

Save Our Summit Officers

Kiley Gustafson, President

Kiley is a long time Olympia resident having grown up in West Olympia before
graduating Capital High School. He went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in biology
and a minor in chemistry from the University of Portland before taking on careers with
Alaska Airlines and the E-commerce division at AT&T. Kiley and his wife, Voshte are
raising their two kids Liam, age 10 and Sofia, age 8 and run his family’s promotional
product business. Aside from spending two years teaching health education in Senegal,
a small village in West Africa through the Peace Corps, Kiley has spent most of his life
in the Pacific Northwest. Having a passion for environmental and human health and a
background in biology, Kiley volunteered on the Water Quality Committee to help tackle
water quality issues. Together, he and the Save Our Summit team have spent
numerous volunteer hours, materials, and resources to create a proactive plan that
keeps Summit Lake a viable drinking source and recreation destination for the next
generation of families.


Ryan Keller, Vice President

Ryan, his wife Christina, and their two boys Preston, age 10 and Deccan, age 8 have
been full-time Summit Lake residents for over 10 years. Ryan is a software executive for
a tech company in Olympia and attended Washington State University, where he met
Christina. Summit Lake is important to Ryan and Christina as they are raising their
family here and they want to protect its beauty and want clean water for their children
(including the giant puppy, Knox), and for future generations to come. As many
residents do, they rely on the lake as their potable water source and enjoy boating,
swimming, fishing, and paddle boarding on the lake. As part of Save Our Summit, Ryan
is passionate about empowering the community to take control of its own destiny and
ensure a positive future for Summit Lake by implementing protection of the watershed.

Kyle Graunke, Treasurer

Kyle is a grant manager for the Dept. of Ecology with a bachelor’s degree in
environmental science and a minor in biology from Seattle University. Kyle, his
wife Meaghan, Henry, age 10, Max, age 7, and Dylan, age 1 are full-time residents at
Summit Lake and want to protect the water for current and future families to enjoy.
Since establishing roots in the community, Kyle has developed a vested interest in the
quality of the lake and has dedicated countless hours working with Save Our Summit to
protect it. With his education and background, including a specialization in water quality,
Kyle has been actively working to improve the water quality of the lake and is confident
a special district will provide the community with the necessary resources to protect
Summit Lake for generations to come.